We were very excited to evaluate this coffee for our Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Review. We had heard great things about Hacienda La Minita and it was also our first experience with Martinez Fine Coffees.

The online shopping experience was uneventful. We ordered the medium roast and our coffee arrived in about a week.

The smell when we first opened the resealable foil bag was divine.

We went on to brew the coffee utilizing two different methods.

  1. Using a drip coffee maker by Ninja.
  2. Using a coffee press.

As usual, the coffee press brewed the best tasting coffee. The Ninja Drip coffee maker was good, but it is hard to go back after tasting the coffee brewed in the press.

Before we get into the full Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee review, let's talk a little about where this coffee comes from.

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican coffee farms are usually very small farms that are  tended by owners who live and work on their land. This ownership is what has caused the high quality of coffee produced in the region.

While there are large mills in the area, you can still find very high quality coffee by seeking out estate coffees.

This Costa Rica Tarrazu from the Hacienda La Minita Estate is grown on the steep hillside overlooking the Tarrazu River, known for its rich volcanic soil, perfect climate and ideal amount of rainfall.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Review Hacienda La Minita Estate

Coffee Origin - Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica

Estate - Hacienda La Minita

Roast Level - Medium

Est. Price - $19.95/Lb

Aroma -  8

Flavor -  7

Acidity -  7

Body -  6

Aftertaste -  7

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Tasting Notes: We enjoyed the light, balanced taste of the Costa Rica Tarrazu from Hacienda La Minita, but we prefer a slightly bolder taste. It is a very balanced, smooth and mild cup of coffee for those that prefer this.

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