Coffee for Wellness Review – Phil Mickelson

There is a lot of buzz around this coffee that was developed by professional golfer Phil Mickelson in conjunction with world class performance coach Dave Philips. So we decided to buy some and publish a Coffee for Wellness Review.

Phil used to be known for his crazy good short game and boyish smile, but now he is known as the rebel that left the PGA Tour for the rival LIV Golf Tour. The move cost Phil his lucrative golf gear contracts, but he was paid millions by Saudis to join the rebel tour.

Phil Mickelson and Dave Phillips set out to create a coffee that could help with performance and also help with functioning at a high level.

They wanted to develop a coffee that not only tasted good, but could also serve as a source of fuel and sustained focus.

What they came up with is now marketed and branded as Coffee for Wellness.

Check out this Coffee for Wellness review video to see Phil Mickelson explain his obsession with coffee.

What is Coffee for Wellness?

Phil Mickelson Coffee

Coffee for Wellness is really 2 parts:

  1.  The first part is the coffee itself. The duo sought out the best purveyors of coffee in the industry and found Westrock Coffee. Westrock ethically sources its coffee from small farms in Africa and South America and then roasts the coffee in a manner which preserves the coffees antioxidants.
  2. The second part of Coffee for Wellness is what they call the "Good Stuff". The Good Stuff is a blend of superfoods known for their ability to reduce fatigue, aid in cognition and sustained energy.

The result of these two parts is what makes up Coffee for Wellness.

What is in the Good Stuff?

The million dollar question is what is in the good stuff that makes it worth a professional athlete using it on a daily basis.

Here's what we know:

There are five main ingredients in the Good Stuff that is mixed into your coffee daily.

  1. L-Theanine - L-Theanine is a very powerful amino acid that is know to help sustain energy when coupled with caffeine. L-Theanine and caffeine were first experienced together in green tea and particularly in matcha, a form of green tea where the tea leaves are ground into a fine powder and mixed with hot water. The result is a sustained period of focus without the jitters or crash associated with caffeine alone. 
  2. MCT Powder - MCT has been shown to boost metabolism and help in the fat burning process. When taken regularly your body learns to burn fat for fuel which helps you to both lose weight and think more clearly.
  3. Collagen peptides - Collagen peptides are one of the building blocks of hair, nails, skin and joints. This supplement has also been shown to reduce inflammation.
  4. Ceylon Cinnamon - Cinnamon is chock full of antioxidants and has also been shown to boost metabolism, and fight inflammation.
  5.  Himalayan Pink Salt - One of the issues with coffee is that it is very acidic. Himalayan Pink Salt can reduce coffee's acidity and help to maintain a proper ph in the body.

So that is the Good Stuff and what sets Coffee for Wellness apart from regular coffee.

Coffee for Wellness Review of the Taste

We brewed some of the coffee in one of the best coffee makers and performed a tasting both with and without the Good Stuff.

The coffee itself from Westrock Coffee is very good, we liked it a lot. 

We are still not sold on the addition of the Good Stuff as far as taste is concerned.

Being coffee enthusiasts, we really don't like cinnamon in our coffee, however we get the idea and think that it is a good one.

Coffee for Wellness Review - Final Thoughts

In this Coffee for Wellness Review we have taken a very objective look at this product from Phil Mickelson.

If you are looking for an edge, whether it be in sports or in business, then this coffee may be for you.

If you are looking for the best tasting coffee, there are much better options, however they wont have the same antioxidant and amino acid benefits as Coffee for Wellness.

The choice is yours.

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