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 Coffee Bag with Valve - Ziplock Gold and Clear 14 oz. - 16 oz. + 

Coffee Bag with Valve - Ziplock Gold and Clear 14 oz. - 16 oz. + 14oz - 16oz Coffee Degassing Bag
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Coffee Bag with Valve - Ziplock Gold and Clear 14 oz. - 16 oz. +Sideview of degassing bagsSideview of degassing bagsSideview of degassing bags
Coffee Bag with Valve - Ziplock Gold and Clear 14 oz. - 16 oz. +

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New Model! - One pound coffee bag. This new model is the same as our previous 14oz - 16oz large model, but weve added 1 inch to the width of the bag, to more comfortably hold one pound of roasted beans!

Weve looked at quite a few ziplock bags from different manufacturers, these are the best ones available. Many of the pouches weve looked at were shoddy construction, not completely sealed valves, and most were difficult to get a proper seal on the zip. These bags are top quality, not cheap reproduction clones. Also make great coffee gift pouches during the holidays. Built in one-way degassing valve, heavy 4.5mil construction, and patented E-Z zip seal. These coffee bags are gusseted, which means they expand at the bottom to allow more coffee capacity per bag. The perfect solution for storing and shipping coffee after its been roasted. These bags eliminate the problem of pressure completely, with a built-in one way air valve, which only allow gas to pass out of the bag, and will not allow oxygen to enter backwards into the bag, which greatly serves to maintain the coffees freshness.

For everyones safety and protection, all bags sales are final and non-refundable.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Built in one-way degassing valve to relieve pressure and C02 gasses
  • Heavy 4.5 mil thick foil film
  • Patented zip lock design for easy closure
  • Gusseted, self-standing after filling
  • Attractive gold foil on one side, clear film window on other for clear coffee viewing
  • Highest quality valved coffee pouches available
  • Code: 00002487
 Specifications - Top 
  • Type: Coffee Storage Bag
  • Length Inch: 10 1/2
  • Width Inch: 7 1/2
  • Depth Inch: 1 7/8
  • Thickenss Inch: 4.5mil
  • Capacity: 14oz - 16oz

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