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 Thermos Direct Brew In Carafes - 50 oz. 

Thermos Direct Brew In Carafes - 50 oz. TGU1500 TGU15SC
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Thermos Direct Brew In Carafes - 50 oz.

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This Thermos Nissan Brew-in Vacuum Insulated Carafe makes it possible for brewing directly from your drip coffee machine into the carafe, while saving time and minimizing heat loss due to beverage transfer.

Many other types of brew-in carafes leave a large gaping hole for the heat to escape during the brew process, which defeats the purpose of its thermal retention properties.

The brew through lid on this carafe incorporates a built in cone funnel that tapers down to a pencil sized hole. The internal build of the lid features a 90° channel for the liquid flow, so the coffee stream does not make a straight through pour into the decanter... the diversion greatly helps to keep heat in, unlike most other brew through carafe mechansims.

The brew in lid can be turned to the closed position to slow down excessive heat loss, and with a quarter turn, can be placed to the open position to allow easy pouring. The brew-in lid will accept a steady stream of liquid from your brewer, both in the closed and open position to prevent accidents. The Brew-in lids are not designed to completely seal liquid escaping from the unit, but can be replaced with the thumb lever action lids to do just that. Multi-colored replacement lids, both brew-in and with lever action spout control, can also be purchased seperately when you wish not to use the unit as a brew-in carafe.

Unit comes with a black brew-in lid, which is replaceable, and can be purchased seperately in black, orange, and green to denote the type of brew in the carafe - decaf, non-decaf, water, etc..

These are very sturdy long lasting units, at a very affordable price!

All of the double wall stainless steel lined thermos vacuumware you will find at, are top of the line units. We do not carry products that are insulated with foam. Although Thermos does manufacture other, less expensive lines of products that do not include their TherMax™ technology, we carry only only Nissan Thermos products that DO include TherMax™ technology, as we feel they are far superior to what else is offered.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • TherMax® double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold
  • Units come with brew-in funnel cap for direct brewing
  • Unbreakable type 304 stainless steel liner and body for maximum durability
  • Additional brew-in replacement lids available, as well as lever action replacement lids
  • Replacement lids available in 3 colors to distinguish decaf, non-decaf, water, etcà
  • Lightweight, dishwasher safe
  • Code: 00002443
 Specifications - Top 
  • Type: Insulated Carafe
  • Dia Inch: 4 7/8
  • Height Inch: 9 3/8
  • Mouth Dia Inch: 2 3/8
  • Capacity: 50 ounce
  • Mfg Warranty: 5 yr. limited

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