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Thermos Nissan Bottle Cooler 2710
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Thermos Nissan Bottle Cooler

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So, youre probably wondering... what the heck does this thing have to do with coffee?! Actually... nothing! But it sure works great for Beer!

When we first saw these Bottle Coolers we thought... what a good idea, and decided to try one out for ourselves. Not that we drink a lot of beer mind you, but when we do, we like it to stay really cold! The vacuum insulation keeps your bottle cold 3 times longer than foam insulated bottle coolers. These insulated bottle coolers are built with Thermos Nissan Thermax™ Vacuum technology, and are not like most foam, or foam filled plastic coozies you find on the market. Some call them coozies, some call them koozies, some say bottle coolers, some say... this bottle sure is cold between my legs, while sitting around the campfire...

Now, you dont have to feel like youre carrying around a roll of toilet paper just to keep your bottle cold!

This Nissan bottle cooler comes in two parts. The bottom canister is made from durable Nissan quailty stainess steel, double wall, and vacuum insulated. Standard 12 ounce and 16.9 ounce glass bottles fit inside the canister very nicely. The canister also fits a standard 12 oz can nicely. The bottom of the canister - both inside and out - has a rubber pad. The inside pad keeps your bottle from damaging the metal, and also keeps the metal from cracking your bottle. The bottom rubber provides a slip ressitent surface to help stabilize your bottle. Very thin-walled units - a little less than 1/8" thick walls, allowing for a smaller diameter, and a more compact cooler than most.

The top of the cooler is made from rubber, which serves as a nice grip, and a lycra type material, similar to what wetsuits are made from, which fits around the neck of your bottle, and twists onto the bottom canister. Very nice units.

All of the double wall stainless steel lined thermos vacuumware you will find at, are top of the line units. We do not carry products that are insulated with foam. Although Thermos does manufacture other, less expensive lines of products that do not include their TherMax™ technology, we carry only only Nissan Thermos products that DO include TherMax™ technology, as we feel they are far superior to what else is offered.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Holds most all standard 12 oz and 16.9 oz bottles
  • Nissan Stainless Thermax technology vacuum insulated
  • May also be used for a can insulator, with the top removed
  • Best built bottle cooler on the market!
  • Rubber and Lycra top fits perfectly over the bottle neck
  • Sweat-proof design, wont leave water rings
  • Keeps beverages colder 3 times longer than foam insulators
  • Code: 00002427
 Specifications - Top 
  • Type: Insulated beverage cooler
  • Dia Inch: 2 3/4
  • Height Inch: 7 1/2
  • Mfg Warranty: 5 yr. limited
  • Fits: Almost all 12 oz and 16.9 oz bottles

Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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