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3lb Mixed Regional Green Coffee Bean - Non-Decaf Sampler

Includes 3lb - 1lb ea. Green Non-Decaf Coffees of our choice from a variety of regions. The Coffees included in this sampler are usually typical of the regions they represent. All coffees in this sampler are top quality premium Arabicas.
3lb Mixed Regional Green Coffee Bean - Non-Decaf Sampler Green Coffee Beans

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· Continent: Mixed
· Country: Mixed
· Type: Non-Decaf
Note: All coffees listed are green unroasted coffee, which must be roasted before consumption.
Coffee shopping tip: All Coffees are offered at the bulk rates shown above. Our recommendation is to find the coffee that suits your tastes and preference, and purchase in bulk quantities to reduce your cost per pound.

We ship via both UPS and U.S. Postal service Priority Mail.

We also offer 2 sizes of U.S. Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, which are able to fit 12 lbs & 19 lbs of green coffees respectively - excluding monsooned coffees - for a flat rate fee, shipped to anywhere within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii!!

Larger orders can also be shipped via U.S. Post, or via UPS. To check all available shipping options and rates, add coffees to your basket and click on the SHIPPING RATES button. All rates are based on zip, State, and poundage.

Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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