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 Stovetop Popcorn Popper - Stainless Steel 

Stovetop Popcorn Popper - Stainless Steel PC17553
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Stovetop Popcorn Popper - Stainless SteelWell built bevel gear driveWell built bevel gear driveWell built bevel gear drive
Stovetop Popcorn Popper - Stainless Steel

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Unfortunately, we have discontinued this Back To Basics stainless steel popcorn popper. The last few shipments we received appeared to have quality control issues and defective mechanisms, while the wholesale prices have skyrocketed!... and, we just dont feel customers are willing to pay the new prices for inferior product...

This stove top popper is made of stainless steel , which will hold up much better than aluminum stove top poppers.

Available with or without a Bald Mountain Green Coffee Regional Sampler. Receive a substantial discount when purchasing a Bald Mountain Green Sampler with popper. In the samplers sold with these units, we try to include some of the larger bean coffees to avoid jamming between the agitator paddle and the bottom of the roasting chamber.

Although these poppers were originally designed for stovetop popcorn popping, they also work great for stovetop coffee roasting! If youve never tried roasting your own coffee at home, and are a bit hestitant about making a larger investment with one of our electric coffee roasters, this is a perfect idea for you! These have the ability to efficiently roast up to 1lb. of green coffee beans to a full city roast in approximately 8-12 minutes. Ventilation is a must when stovetop roasting, no matter the method. The more beans you roast in a batch, the more ventilation is required. A normal stove range is more than ample in most cases. Weve tested our units on a gas fired stove, and even over the churn of the paddle mechanism, you can still plainly hear the beans popping through their crack stages, which is one of the best indicators to tell you when your roast is complete.

The lid & paddle assembly are well built and completely removable for easy cleaning. The lid is also hinged to allow quick removal of the coffee when the roast is finished. The lid on these units no longer comes with a plastic viewing window, which in our opinion, makes the popper even better for roasting coffee, as the windows didnt hold up very well under the higher heat and the duration of the coffee roast. Keep in mind, this unit was NOT originally intended for roasting coffee, so be gentle. The lid also is laced with vents to allow the steam - and smoke! to escape during the roast. Heavy duty gauge stainless steel / stainless riveted construction. Rugged metal bevel gear drive. Stainless steel clad aluminum bottom server to evenly and quickly disperse heat to avoid hotspots. The Aluminum is sandwiched between the stainless teel, and never comes in contact with the beans - er.. popcorn. In roasting, we also found that by applying a small drop of vegetable oil the the vertical axle & gear assembly, it was much easier and smoother to churn through the roast.

Due to the higher temperatures and longer heat durations required for roasting coffee, you probably wont get as many miles out of these units as if you were just popping popcorn, but they still last quite a long time. Weve looked at a lot of stove top poppers with agitators before ordering these units, and these were by far, the best builts ones we could find. Despite these being well built, and again, the best poppers we have found, we are not offering a guarantee with these units, as roasting coffees are not their original design intent.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Best built stove top poppers we were able to locate - and we looked at a lot!
  • Stovetop roasting is economical for first time coffee roasters
  • Efficiently roasts up to 1lb. of green coffee beans in 8 - 10 minutes
  • Heavy duty gauge stainless steel - stainless riveted construction
  • Rugged metal bevel gear drive - Well built hand crank
  • Also makes oustanding popcorn using any recipe you may have!
  • Stainless steel clad aluminum bottom for even heat distribution
  • Ventilation required when used for coffee roasting
  • Code: 00002397
 Specifications - Top 
  • Type: Stovetop Coffee Roaster
  • Dia Inch: 9 1/2
  • Height Inch: 8in. with crank
  • Capacity: 6 qt. (1lb of green coffee for roasting)

Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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