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 Solis Master 5000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine 

Solis Master 5000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine 5000SA
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Solis Master 5000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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How would you like it if when you wake up in the morning, someone makes you a perfect shot of espresso or a full-bodied cup of coffee? How would you like it if you could get that same someone to make the same great quality drink every morning? With the Solis Master 5000 fully automatic espresso and coffee machine, you can have great coffee and espresso everyday, in about 30 seconds, at the touch of a button.

Enjoy fully automated features that will have you making perfect espresso, coffee, lattes, café mochas, cappuccino, and other great coffee house drinks like the pros. You can have a coffee bar in your home or office without taking a lot of counter space because the Master 5000 is compact and it easily tucks under most overhead cabinets.

The state-of-the-art technology of this fully automatic espresso machine also incorporates a number of very practical advantages: half gallon water reservoir is accessible from above; the height adjustable coffee dispensing spout is ideal for large and small cups; and the quiet and adjustable professional quality coffee grinder ensures the retention of the aroma and flavor of the freshly ground beans. When you own a Solis Master 5000, you own your own coffee and espresso butler, ready to make you the perfect cup on demand.

Excellent Performance:

The Master 5000 has an initial heat up time of just over two minutes. It brews espresso using a 15 BAR pressure pump. It will brew a single shot of espresso in 15 seconds, and a double shot in 20 seconds, however these times can be programmed to your liking. Heat up time for the steam function is 45 seconds with the average heat time for an 8 ounce cappuccino being 1 minute and a 12 ounce latte being 1.5 minutes.Sophisticated, Yet Easy To Operate The Master 5000 was designed so that anyone, regardless of their experience could easily master the art of making great coffee house drinks. The control panel has just 2 buttons, which include one programmable button for brewing - small coffee or espresso and a large coffee or espresso and a steam activation button.  It also has a dial that controls the strength of your coffee from strong espresso to mild for coffee. The knob on the side of the machine controls the flow of steam or instant hot water depending on what mode you are in. A series of lights clearly indicate what mode you are in and the status of the machine.

Press the brew button once for a single espresso or coffee. Pushing the brew button twice quickly will put a double shot of espresso or coffee in your cup. Utilize the flexibility of this machine’s brewing options by varying the water volume up to 7 ounces per brewing cycle. By experimenting with the water volume and coffee blends you can fine-tune your coffee.Make Perfect Foam like The Pros The Master 5000 is equipped with a steam wand and milk-frothing tip that insures loads of foam for lattes and cappuccino with little or no effort on your part. You can also remove the frothing tip and use the standard steam wand if you prefer to have more control over the consistency of the foam. The steam wand is conveniently located and swivels to accommodate frothing pitchers ranging from 12 oz. to 20 oz. in size.

The Master 5000 is equipped with an instant hot water feature. By turning the steam/hot water knob on the right side of the machine hot water will dispense from the steam wand. Use this feature for tea, Americano, and pre-warming or rinsing your cup.2 Programmable Buttons for Cup Selection Just two buttons control coffee brewing. One is for brewing a small cup of coffee or espresso and one is for larger cups of coffee or long espresso known as a lungo. You can also program the volume of coffee that the machine will brew for each coffee button. This program will remain until it is changed, even if the power is turned off. When the coffee button is pressed, the machine will grind just the right amount of coffee beans, place the grounds into the brewing system, extract your coffee or espresso, and clean up after itself in one complete step. By pressing the brew button once, the machine will make one espresso or coffee and if pressed twice, two shots of espresso or larger cup of coffee.Espresso, Cafe Crème or Coffee? The machine can do it so why try making a Café Créme! It’s simple with this machine’s ability to adjust for the coarseness of the ground, allowing you to brew a Café Créme, often referred to as Swiss brewed coffee for the country that made it popular. Here’s the difference. Espresso uses a finer ground bean to create a dense pack that restricts the water flow through the grounds, hence the very strong, intense flavor. It also takes a little longer to brew, anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds for 1.5 ounces.

For a Café Créme, or crema coffee a courser ground is needed, a simple adjustment on this great machine. This coarser ground allows for more water

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Free shipping!! (within continental U.S.)
  • Ejects, grinds, doses, tamps & brews coffee or espresso at the touch of a button
  • Built-in conical burr Mulino mill/Stone sensor
  • On, off, and long pre-brewing settings
  • Sleep mode programmable energy saver
  • Troubleshooting mode - This machine knows its own problems!!
  • Operation reminders to tell you when it needs beans, water, etc...
  • Self cleaning / descaling built in - cool feature
  • Coffee / water volume / temperature selectors
  • Pre-infusion built in
  • Holds 1/2 gal. water & 3/4 lb beans
  • Adjustable height/depth despensing head
  • Adjustable steam/hot water nozzle
  • Large waste container
  • Code: 00002393
 Specifications - Top 
  • Owners Manual
  • Type: Espresso - Cappuccino machine
  • Voltage: 120 - 1250 Watts
  • Mfg Warranty: 1 yr.
  • Mfg In: Switzerland

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