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 Caffe Rosto CR-120 Hot Air Home Coffee Roaster 

Caffe Rosto CR-120 Hot Air Home Coffee Roaster CR-120
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Caffe Rosto CR-120 Hot Air Home Coffee Roaster

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Unfortunately, we no longer stock the Cafe roaster by Brightway Industries. Recent concerns have steered us in this direction. For a comparable capacity roaster, please see one of our other home coffee roasting units HERE, in particular, the Hearthware I-Roast 2.

The Caffe Rosto uses a fluid air bed as well a radiant - convective roasting system, which allows constant rotation of the coffee beans as it roasts, and when it cools. The stainless steel center dome also provides a source of radiant heat to aid in the roast process. The CR-120 heats the coffee beans to the correct temperature using an internal thermometer to regulate the heat. The unit will automatically cool the beans once they are roasted. Also is equipped with a manual on-off override to correct improper inital roast settings. Darkness of the roast is controlled by simply setting the timer for the desired roasting time.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Great for dark, as well as light roasts
  • Heavy-duty long lasting bakelite housing
  • Removable stainless chaff collector
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature
  • Manual on/off override
  • Automated cool down cycle
  • Tempered glass lid for easy viewing
  • Patented airflow design
  • U/L approved
  • Code: 00002193
 Specifications - Top 
  • Type: Home Coffee Roaster
  • Length Inch: 7 1/2
  • Width Inch: 5 1/2
  • Height Inch: 12
  • Capacity: 6oz
  • Voltage: 110/120 volts - 1300watt
  • Mfg Warranty: 1 yr.

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