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AeroPress Coffee Maker AeroPress
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AeroPress Coffee MakerAeroPress plunge extractionAeroPress plunge extraction
AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The AeroPress Coffee maker really is a unique design... the system is probably the simplest method of extracting a concentrated liquid coffee solution from coffee grounds that we have seen.

Although we dont really advertise this unit as an espresso extraction system, as the unit doesnt really produce the body and the amount of crema found in a good espresso, it still makes a fine cup of joe, and is also great for producing a highly concentrated brew without over-extracting or over heating the coffee. If you prefer an espresso like experience or a nice cappuccino, use the extracted concentrate full strength, or if you prefer a nice cup of coffee, just dilute the concentrate with ~180° water to your taste. The unit is lightweight and portable, making it a perfect addition for your camping supply box!

The Aeropress manufacturer recommends using 175° water, we recommend a little of the hotter side to compensate for the pre-heat of the unit, somewhere around ~180°-185°. Simply heat your water, insert a filter into the unit, place the unit atop your favorite coffee mug, add the amount of coffee you wish to brew, pour in the proper amount of water accordingly, insert the plunger and plunge! its that simple. Your results will vary greatly depending on the fineness of grind, and the amount of water you use, etc... but once you nail down your variables to your taste, you will be able to produce consistent results everytime.

AeroPress coffee unit comes complete with 350 replaceable filters, for 350 cycles!

Additional AeroPress replacement filters also sold seperately.

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  • Great for creating highly concentrated brews for a great cup, or for use in coffee recipes, etc...
  • Portable, lightweight coffee maker, great for camping, or any day away from home
  • Dilute the coffee extraction for a great cup of coffee, of use full strength for a more espresso like experience
  • Comes with replaceable filters, also available seperately at an economical price
  • AeroPress comes complete with 350 filters, for 350 cycles
  • Code: 00002117
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Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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