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 HotTop Coffee Roaster - Basic Model 

HotTop Coffee Roaster - Basic Model
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HotTop Coffee Roaster - Basic Model

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The newly designed KN-8828B gives the user complete manual control of all parameters while still allowing those new to coffee roasting easy the ability to successfully roast from the very beginning. Simply plug the roaster in and press the POWER-START button three times and the roasting process begins. Add the beans when the machine beeps and you can either allow it to roast and then eject the beans automatically or you can manually end the roast at any time.

The HotTop Basic is the newest model available from HotTop, built on the same great design, as the original HotTop, with a large cooling tray with forced air cooling, large glass viewing window allows viewing of the beans during the roast, extremely quiet operation makes it easy to monitor the cracks of the roasting beans, which is a good indicator of the progression of the roast. Heavy duty components and high quality electronics for dependable operation, and stainless steel roasting drum and outer surfaces. This roaster has a recommended batch size of 250 grams of green beans. All HotTop units employ a replaceable filter to help remove particulate matter and lessen smoke production.

Once a user gets familiar with this unit, he can stray off the path to create their own custom roasts by tweaking the parameters of the roast, including target time, target temperature, fan speed and heating element power, all which can be easily controlled without complicated programming. While the roast progresses, the user can use the simple keypad to change various functions, on the fly. All aspects of your custom roast profiles can be saved, and recalled at a future time for identical batch roasting, without losing your profiles once power is unplugged!

As a nifty safety feature, the chaff tray must be removed and emptied before starting the next roast to avoid an excess buildup of chaff in the chaff tray. Another safety feature helps keep the user from ruining a roast. When bean temperature reaches 414 F, the machine will signal the user by beeping for thirty seconds. This warns the user that the beans are approaching the point where they may be burnt or even ignite. During this thirty-second warning period the user MUST press the Enter button. If the button is not pressed the machine will automatically eject the beans into the cooling tray.

The control panel uses an easy-to-read LCD display to give the user all the information needed to successfully complete a roast. By glancing at the four simple display areas the current process is easily understood.


Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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