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 HotTop Coffee Roaster - Digital 

HotTop Coffee Roaster - Digital KN-8828D
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HotTop Coffee Roaster - DigitalEasy to load unitEasy to load unitEasy to load unitEasy to load unitEasy to load unit
HotTop Coffee Roaster - Digital

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The new Hottop Digital Coffee Roaster is identical to its predecessor, the Hottop, but also incorporates an all-new digital control panel! If youre looking for large capacity and longevity out of your roaster, the Hottop fills the bill with the largest capacity of any of the home roasters currently on the market.

These models are really heavy-duty units, nearing 20lbs a piece! Manufacturer recommended capacity range is 8.8oz - 250gr. to -10.6oz. - 300gr. of green bean per batch. The unit operates with a radiant-convective roast method, which uses heavy-duty heating elements to bring the batch up to temperature. The beans tumble inside a rotating drum for a longer period of time than most hot air type coffee roasters, which helps to bring out the full-body characteristics in coffees. Programmable batch times are variable from 17 minutes to 21 minutes, and anything in between.

The Hottop unit automatically brings itself to the proper internal temperature before the roast cycle starts, making the unit much less prone to roast variation due to external temperatures, current ambient temperature of the unit, from previous consecutive batches, etc... Both temperature, and remaining time are displayed on a large, easy to read LED control panel

Very quiet operation allows for a relaxing roast cycle, almost completely void of machine noise, which allows you to clearly hear the beans going through their crack stages during the roast. Large glass viewing window allows you to clearly see the beans during the roast.

The units come complete with 2 filters, which aid in stopping the larger chaff particles from making a mess in your roast area. The manufacturer suggests, the filters should be relaced approximately every 30 roast cycles, which helps to keep the roaster, roasting consistently.

Adequate ventilation is required with these units due to its batch size. The more coffee that is roasted in a batch, the more smoke that is generated, its a given when roasting large batches, so plan accordigly with proper ventilation

All in all, weve found the Hottop Roaster to be a top quality unit, which should provide you with years of service when properly maintained. See more on usage instructions below.

 Features - Top 
  • Full Description
  • Computer controlled roasting for accuracy and repeatability
  • Fully automatic roasting & cooling
  • User can end roast at any time
  • Large roast capacity
  • Roast cycle: 17 to 23 minutes
  • External cooling tray with agitation arm and cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Built-in smoke reduction system
  • Stainless steel cover and drum
  • Large window gives good view of the beans during roasting
  • Audible signalling of roast progress
  • Heat element: 750 Watts
  • Steel Drum: 4 x 8 inches. Viewing window: 4 inches
  • Code: 00002336
 Specifications - Top 
  • Owners Manual
  • Type: Home Coffee Roaster
  • Length Inch: 18.5
  • Width Inch: 10.5
  • Height Inch: 14
  • Capacity: 8.8 to 10.6oz.
  • Voltage: 120V, 750 WATT
  • Mfg Warranty: 1 year

Roasting is fun. Drink more Coffee.

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