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 Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover - Fits all Coffee Makers 

Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover - Fits all Coffee Makers
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Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover - Fits all Coffee Makers

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This Chemex glass coffee pot cover fits all Chemex brewers, and greatly helps to hold in the heat for extended periods of time.

Traditional Chemex coffee makers come with a polished wood collar and leather tie that serves as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker. The Chemex coffeemakers, together with Chemex-Bonded Coffee Filters, make perfect coffee everytime for a crystal clear cup. Once you have had your fill of brew, the glass decanters can also be covered and refrigerated, so you can make ice coffee later on in the day!

If you are looking for a coffee brewing method where your brew comes in contact with little more than glass, Chemex Coffee Makers are what we recommend! No plastics, no metals, just glass, and the paper filters made from natural fibers. Coffee brewing doesnt get much purer than this!

Chemex has been making their infamous brewers since 1941, and have won multiple awards for best design. Their brewers has even earned their way into multiple museums including The Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian, The Philadelphia Museum, and The Corning Glass Museum!

The high quality, non-porous, heat resistent glass used in all Chemex Coffeemakers is as inert as materials get, as it absorbs no odors or residues, ensuring a clean cup. Their simple yet elegant design is what has led to their success, even in todays modern world!

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  • Type: Chemex Coffee Brewer Accessories
  • Fits: All Chemex Glass Coffee Brewers

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