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 Bodum Santos Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker 

Bodum Santos Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker 3000
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Bodum Santos Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker

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The most famous coffee roasters of the West coast would not disagree that even the highest quality of coffee beans and the most sophisticated roast will not make a good cup of coffee without the right brewing system. Even the most sophisticated coffee scientists of the famous coffee houses all over the world will not disagree that brewing coffee might be a less scientific matter than an emotional if brewed the right way. Anyhow Bodum happens to have the only vacuum brewing system which satisfy both the coffee roasters of the west and their fellow scientists. We listened carefully to all of them, but unfortunately this did not meet our obligation to make the best coffee maker in the world. We had to add more than four decades of Bodum coffee experience and the famous BODUM design to create the electric vacuum coffee brewer BODUM SANTOS. The science of every day thinking. Off the power base you serve 6-12 cups of freshly brewed coffee with as strong and delicious taste, as if it came from a Bodum French press. A taste made possible with a high tech heating system developed especially for the Bodum Santos. No paper filters to make the coffee dull! Just a small easy cleaned micron nylon filter for a smooth and even cleaner coffee. An entirely closed brewing process where no aroma escape and where the relation between temperature and time has come to an ultimate perfection. A good grip handle and lid for easy one-hand pouring. No hassle...! 12 cups of coffee in less than 8 minutes... If plugged and 12 Bodum-spoons of coffee are waiting in the funnel to be brewed, you will even make your boss satisfied in 7 minutes. Use the Santos timer for pre set early morning brewing while singing in the shower or just in time brewing for the after dinner coffee. The Santos comes in a glass clear heat resistant polycarbonate. A fashionable transparent orange or a transparent blue, where you can follow the fascinating wonder of brewing coffee the Bodum way. And the design... won a gold award as one of the best designs in the US of 2001. ...good taste.

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  • Type: Coffee Vacuum
  • Voltage: 110v

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